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  1. Default Western NC Streams/Advice/Guides


    I've enjoyed reading the forum over the past few days and decided to register and see if you all didn't mind sending some advice my way. I'll be traveling to the Western part of the state next week (March 18th-22) for work and was hoping to do some fishing. I've fly fished for about 4 years, but don't consider myself experienced by any means. I've done as much research as I can so far but still am having difficulty figuring out where to go and the most up to date reports. I've also never had a guide, and with the amount of outfitters in the western part of the state, I've been starting to wonder if I should invest in a half day.

    Here's my plan: I'll likely be in the Spruce Pine area Tuesday night and I may have a few hours Wednesday morning in the area. Then I shoot down to Bryson City, Slyva and Franklin on Wednesday afternoon. My next meeting isn't until Thursday after lunch in Brevard, so I've focused on trying to find out where to stay between Franklin and Brevard on Wednesday night to be able to spend a half day morning fishing Thursday.

    I plan on calling guide shops tomorrow to ask conditions and what's hitting, where to go, etc.; but I wanted to bring it up here first. 90% of the reason I go fishing is to enjoy the outdoors. But I usually have more than a morning to do so, and the more I read about how incredible the fishing can be in WNC the more I want to make sure I give myself the best opportunity to catch some.

    Do you have any recommendations on where to go? Should I hire a guide? If so, where should I start calling?

    That's alot of info, but I appreciate all the help! Feel free to ask any questions.

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    Default Re: Western NC Streams/Advice/Guides

    Hi Graham.
    Welcome to The Forum.
    You will find The Advice Guides give is invaluable as they really know their Stuff otherwise they don't survive,another thing,I'd say there are many here who know The Areas you'll be Fishing & can also help.
    Good Luck & Good Fishing.

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    Default Re: Western NC Streams/Advice/Guides

    Welcome to the forums Graham. I fish the area you have listed quite often...planning a trip in May this year. For a relatively new comer to the sport, I suggest hiring a guide. A great one is a gentleman by the name of Alex Bell, who operates out of Sylva, NC. He and others collaborated on a concept called 'Flyfishing Trail'
    Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail

    Their idea was to list all the good FF waters in that region on one site with links to maps etc..Its quite informative. NC has something called delayed harvest, they stock some of the waters quite heavily through the off season (Oct - April??) & the fish are catch & release only during this period.

    So the gist of my advice is - contact Alex, visit either the Tuck or Nantahala rivers and soothe your FF ego. Usual disclaimer, I have no business affiliations with Alex. I merely hired him a couple of years ago when I first visited Sylva.


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    Default Western NC Streams/Advice/Guides

    Spruce pine has some good fishing. I only know streams in Boone banner elk and valley cruises which is very close to spruce pine. If u decide to go to valley cruises fish behind the mast general store which should come up on google maps. Also there is a orvis dealer down the road in fosco nc and you can fish the stream all behind it. If I were u I would use nymphs this time of years black ones work great copper johns also seem to be working well this year. And get u some eggs with a orange dot on the bottom. I caught 14 trout on a egg yesterday they r simple and work well.

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    Default Re: Western NC Streams/Advice/Guides

    Welcome to the forum.... Due to your limited time schedule, I would stick to the delayed harvest streams. In Spruce Pine, you will find a nice section that is easily waded right at the town park. Here is a link to the local fly shop.

    Fly Fishing Trips and Guides in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, offering float trips and wade trips on the Watauga River, South Holston River, French Broad River, Toe River and Nolichucky River Back Country streams of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    In Brevard, I would fish the Davidson River at the Hatchery. Big fish....tiny nymphs....very technical but fun. Park at the Education center at the hatchery. It may be somewhat crowded after 10 a.m. Stop by the local fly shop for flies...


    Around Sylva, I would hit the Tuckasegee on 107 towards Cullowhee...This is a tailwater so watch the flows... here is another link....

    Hookers Fly Shop and Guide Service. Your Smokies Fly Fishing Experience. | Locally owned fly shop offering guided fly fishing in WNC

    Hope this helps........

    Here I walk slowly, deliberately, taking it one step, one trout, one sunset at a time. -Harry Middleton

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    Default Re: Western NC Streams/Advice/Guides

    I'm going to agree with the previous posters. If you're new to the area and don't mind casting to stocked trout, the delayed harvest streams are excellent fisheries.

    Where to Fish in NC

  7. Default Re: Western NC Streams/Advice/Guides

    Thanks to everyone for the advice. My schedule changed a little bit and I won't be able to spend too much free time in Spruce Pine. But I'll still have a half day in the Franklin/Sylva/Brevard area.

    I decided this may be a good opportunity for a guide service. I'm sure they are all good, but any recommendations? So far I've looked a little into into Davidson River Outfitters, Hookers in Sylva, Cashiers Outfitters and Alex Bell.

    Thanks again all.

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    Default Re: Western NC Streams/Advice/Guides

    Graham- Like I said Alex is great (used to be the principal at the Sylva School), he is very patient and a great 'teacher' & above all very knowledgable of the local waters. I am sure the others are good is to call them, find out their styles of guiding, charges and then make your choice.
    Sometimes, one call is all it takes to realize that your style / demeanor does or does not match the guide.

    You have recd. very good advice from the members in a short time to your first its time to verify the advice yourself.

  9. Default Re: Western NC Streams/Advice/Guides

    I realize that this is a little late, but next time you're in the area, hop on over to Cherokee. A one day license is only 10 bucks and there are a lot of fish on the reservation . . . a lot.

    BTW . . . I've never been able to make myself hire a guide because the research and the work are part of the fun. (But I'll take all the free advice I can get.)

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