I'm going to let my ignorance of fly fishing and low country gamefish shine through pretty loud and clear here. Im stationed in Savannah, pretty new to the area. (Im aware how many posts start with statements just like that) Also pretty new to flly fishing. That's my preface. There is a TON of opinions regarding the location and fishability or reds in anything below 65 degree water. I've heard "they wont bite till 70 degrees", "at 65 they come alive", well heck I used to fish for bulls right in the surf the day after st. patricks day when the water was mid fifties or so".

Now, I've explored on foot and in a kayak in the past three weeks a whole lot of coastline and marsh and I haven't seen a single tailing fin, puff of sand, nervous water etc etc. Is it possible to fish for reds now and I'm just as bad at this game as I originally thought or are they pursuable in 60 degree water? Can you only catch them in the surf at these temps or are they going to be on the spartina flats as well? Any and all input is much appreciated here. Regardless of this post, I'm going to be out there today chasing them in the surf. Thanks a million for taking the time to read this.