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Thread: Cool spring

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    So with turkey season on the way out last week i took sometime off to hunt with my son now we have had a good season and he needed one bird to tag out and i had tagged out with my two but tried to get his last one with no luck so on friday with showers in the forecast and no talkers in the morning he said lets fish so we hit the water around 10:30.The water was still running high ( can't really tell from pic) and fast.

    The water temp. is still 50 and we have lots of water and cool weather more so than normal but the fish were on the feed.We caught several fish on a beadhead prince nymph.

    We were ready to head back to the truck with rain coming in when i just had to throw a bugger and got a nice 15" brown and then my son got a 13" rainbow but no pics of those don"t know why, but just as wge got in the truck the rain came down again but it was a good day.

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    Nice fish.....I am thinking that this friday will be a good day to be on the water. I think I will head up towards Boone and drift a few dries.....

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    Nice fish! Are those guy stockers or wild?

    I've been too busy with morel mushroom season to fish this past month. Memorial Day weekend I'm going to go up into the mountains and find a new stream to fish, though.

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