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Thread: Beating around

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    Two weeknds i took a trip and done some fishing and it was really good except it poured the rain on Friday and the camera got wet and no pics but the fishing in the GSMNP was great on that Saturday caught 30 to hand but no pics.Last Friday i left work at 11:45 to go do some fishing and dad got me to help him awhile with some farm work, then i took off for the evening just to fish and it was good again.

    Saturday morning found me up and ready at 6am since my daughter chose not to come on fathers day weekend it was fishing time (still blame the x wife for her not coming but she is 13)on the water and the fish were on again seemed the beadhead prince was the flavor of the weekend.

    My totals were 17 on Friday and 18 on Saturday .My son called Saturday evening to say he wanted to go ride horses on Sunday and spend the day with me on Fathers Day told him that was fine but i had planned to fish but for him we would ride he said he would be home later.Sunday found us gone at 8:20 on a ride in Cataloochee,He wanted to ride to Little Cataloochee where some of our kin folk are buried at the chuch there.

    Inside the church

    As we rode i showed some stuff off the beaten path that lots of folks don't know about.

    Sort of a history lesson about how our family had to move out when the park took the land and the old homes they burned somethings they left.My great grandfather Steve Woody live 6months after leaving but i guess if you were born and raised there and it was all you knew at 86 you kinda are broken hearted.We were almost to the truck when we saw this cow elk with her fairly newborn calf.

    It was a good weekend just beating around in the woods.

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    Shannon: Great trip report, fish and photos! With that rain it sounds like a good point and shoot waterproof camera is in order! The photos of the church and family history were also very interesting.

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    x2 what he said, great pics of the area. Thanks for sharing

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    Great pictures and report! I was surprised to see Elk pictures didn't know that they are trying to reintroduce the to GSMNP. That's really cool!
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