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    Default Another Weekend Another Report

    I know it seems like all i post about is the GSMNP but when i can leave my house and in two hours on my horse be in to some of the best backcountry fishing in WNC it's hard not to go there.Ann was asked by a lady she works with do ya'll ever stay home and just rest,when do you do laundry.Well folks life on this planet is short and i plan on living as much as i can, we are not promised tomorrow so weekends find me doing something i love,fishing,packing into camp,at the lake,on the river,in a tree stand,there is a lot of life out there and i need to see and live it.On friday when Ann came home from work the horses were saddled and waiting,my dad and cousin were already gone with the mules and my son Eli dropped us off at the top of the mtn. I tried to get him to go but he said i might come in tomorrow.The next morning found us ready to fish and yes it was good ,just a few pics of the trip.

    ANN took a pic of a snail.

    And a mushroom.

    I did manage to get all 3 trout but but this is common for us, forgive the focus i told her to hurry lol.

    When we got back to camp Eli had rode in to stay the night which made the trip.Met a couple guys from the other side of the park from Sevier Co. Tenn. WE shared some wine i made and some shine i had and couple fish stories.I slept in my hammock for the first time and i must say check out ENO hammocks there are great to sleep in and easy to carry backpacking or on horse.The ride out was good.

    We beat the Sunday thunderstrom by a few hours.Life is good

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    Default Re: Another Weekend Another Report

    I always love your reports! I'm jealous of the ride in and camp approach.

    I hit the slopes above Morganton, NC and managed 7 small rainbows. Lost several more including a nice brown. The road was washed out, which added a mile to the hike. I guess that means less pressure on my favorite holes, so it's a good thing.

    It was a perfect weekend in the NC mountains.

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    Default Re: Another Weekend Another Report

    That IS a beautiful little stream.would eat both the snail and the mushroom with pleasure

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