My plans go to the lake on Wednesday evening alone spend til Friday fishing the tailwater. Lets back up til Tuesday went to the jobsite to check on the crew,things going well spend most of the day pushing the forman to push the men to get this bridge done things going well ,foreman says i have an idea.Next move busts a 2" water line just destroyed all the work we done.I get home 1am Wed morning nothing packed back to work 6:30am.Rain sets in worked all day in the rain,get have to pack more rain decide to leave early Thursday morning.The water should be good i thought.I made it to lake with very little rain checked the genorating schdule and it started at 8am til 12 midnite.So got things set up done some shopping for the camper,slept on the porch in my hammock and listened to it pour the rain.Just a lot of water went to check the river and this is what i found it was almost in the road.

The never stopped making power from Thursady til Sunday trying to bring down the lake levels.I got home Sunday to find out they had opened the flood gates to Fontana Dam only the 5th time in history.I had 7" of rain in 3 days at my house other parts of WNC had over 12".I did manage a few Bluegill out of the lake on one sunny break Friday on a soft hackle Hares Ear was fun on my 4wt trout gear but short lived as the rain came back.