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    Default Fall Smokey Mt Trout

    I missed going up this spring and I was thinking maybe a Fall trip but I've read the water is low, you have to cast a long ways, gossamer tippets, the streams are all clogged with leaves- doesn't sound so good. I was also surprised to read that there are crowds all over the place looking at the leaves. I was thinking late October to November 1st or so.
    If the water is low and clogged with leaves then I got wondering if "larger" water might be better than really small streams.
    How is the fishing, stream conditions, and crowds in late October? What would be the better fall streams to consider? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Fall Smokey Mt Trout

    No need to worry about low water this year...........this is the wettest year that I can will hook a few leaves, but late october is my favorite time of the year to fish the smokies............also, the crowds will be on the roads, and the near the towns. The farther you walk up the trail, the better, for fishing and privacy.........good luck this fall!!!

    Here I walk slowly, deliberately, taking it one step, one trout, one sunset at a time. -Harry Middleton

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    Default Re: Fall Smokey Mt Trout

    Even when they flows were at record problem!! I actually like the low water.

    Dont worry about the crowds. I used to live in Gatlinburg and fished the park almost daily. Even when Gburg and Pigeon Forge are packed with visitors...i have never had a problem finding a quiet place on the stream.

    Fall is my favorite time in the Smokies.....No worry about long cast's.

    You have many options...all depends on where you are stayin. I have always stayed away from Little River....just cant find peace on the river that close to the road. To many bad-ass Lawyers and bankers riding there 40k bikes..scares me.........

    When you get close...send me a PM.....I will share some great spots.


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    Default Re: Fall Smokey Mt Trout

    Thanks. I am planning late October at this point.

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