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    Default Nymph rig for Western Carolina

    I've been watching some fly fishing You-Tubes of the Nantahala and I was surprised that everyone is using a strike indicator and nymphs. A pretty big strike indicator and a long distance (7-8') from indicator to fly. Could some of you give me a detailed set up? Thanks. Such as a selection of flies, the distance from indicator to fly, etc.

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    Default Re: Nymph rig for Western Carolina

    Don't know that there's a universal answer. Distance from fly to indicator is entirely dependent on the water you are fishing (depth and speed in particular) and the size/weight of the nymphs (and weight/shot) you are dredging. The nymph needs to be bouncing, not dragging, the bottom (thus the old saw if you're not hanging up occasionally, you're not getting deep enough) with the indicator staying within reasonable and visible contact.

    Seven-to-eight feet seems like a LOT, though.

    Having said that, I should add that I hate nymphing.

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    Default Re: Nymph rig for Western Carolina

    7-8', sounds like deeper water. Post the youtube video you were watching, might help people answer your question.
    - William

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    Default Re: Nymph rig for Western Carolina

    Gotta say in my experience I place my indicator 1 1/2 - 2 x the depth of water. As was mentioned I like to use weighted flies or shot to keep down. At least on my point fly. I commonly drop flies at multiple depths between my p-fly and indicator. I find sometimes the fish like the unweighted flies better. I am also a big advocate of fishin w/o an indicator.. tightline with a sighter. I can cast fairly far and I miss far fewer fish. Hope that helps, as far as I know there is not a carolina rig for ffishing just gotta experiment and have fun.

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    Default Re: Nymph rig for Western Carolina

    Sounds like you have got some good advice.If the videos were recent the indicator depth would be due to all the rain we have had this spring/summer and the high water.When i fish an indicator i fish it far enough to get the nymph on the bottom and if i find a deep run i adjust it.Lots of times no indicator is better because you dont have to worry about adjusting and just keep a tight line.

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    Default Re: Nymph rig for Western Carolina

    I've never really used a strike indicator, I have either fished a nymph without one or I have tied a 18" dropper line to a high floating dry, like a #12 thunderhead and a greenie weenie 18" below. If the deal is about 2x the depth and you're in 18" of water then the strike indicator ought to be around 3' from the fly- is that correct?
    What purpose does the strike indicator serve? Obviously it helps you detect a strike but does it also help in the respect you can use a weighted nymph that sinks fast- as in some water that's needed, but the indicator lets this weighted nymph sort of move along the bottom without hanging up?
    One reason I think I've stay away is the feeling it must sort of screw up your casting but on small water that probably isn't that much of an issue.

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    Default Re: Nymph rig for Western Carolina

    It can mess with your casting, as can multiple nymphs, shot above a nymph, etc. But I tend to lob weighted nymphs with an indicator rather than cast as I might a dry. Yes the indicator helps detect a strike, suspend the fly at a certain depth, and helps you see if the fly is dragging. However it will be pulled at the speed of the top of the water column, if the nymph is in slower water near the bottom it would move faster than the other stuff the fish sees above the bottom. 2x the depth is a good place to start. Slower water / heavier nymphs can be less than 2x and faster water / lighter nymph can need more. Look to tick bottom and/or periodically hang up to know you are near the bottom.
    - William

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