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    Default Need a guide recommendation!

    Ok, hopefully my requirements aren't too out of line.

    I'm looking for a guide to take my wife an I bonefish/permit/tarpon fishing. We can both cast, but if we can't get into bonefish/permit/tarpon, I'd like the guide to have some light spinning set ups available with some live bait so that we can at least try to get into some...

    If we can't get into any of those fish, we'd at least like to catch something so maybe move into the mangroves and fish for snapper or anything else...

    I'm not sure if guides are set up this way or not...we'd like to do a 3/4 day only because we will be leaving our 2 year old with a sitter and I don't want to torture someone with a full day of babysitting.

    We will be staying in Key Largo, but can drive since we will have a rental car.

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    Default Re: Need a guide recommendation!

    Two guys that meet your needs are both out of Islamorada. One is Vic Gaspeney at Bud and Marys and the other is Bou Bossa in Islamorada. These two guys are great and will fish whatever works for you . Vic put 9 Hopkins with 100plus fish on a four hour trip! Bou is a work horse and probably the best Permit guy down there ! If you can't find there #s just give me a shout and I'll hook you up. I use these guys every year and they are excellent!

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    If your going for Bones and staying in Largo Bou will probably meet you up there at Pennecamp Reef Park.
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    Default Re: Need a guide recommendation!

    I can recommend Derek Rust out of Marathon. Great guide and can put you on fish, within three days I had MANY attempts at a little of everything on the flats (bones, permit, tarpon, reds, and jacks). The only thing I'm not sure about is the spin casting, that's something you would need to talk to him about, other than that he's perfect! PM me and I can give you his info.
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    I have a friend that I used to guide with by the name of zach stells if you want pm me and I will give you his contact info

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