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Thread: Smokey Fly Selection

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    Default Smokey Fly Selection

    I live in Florida but want to fish Smokey Mt. NP. Every year I have a work assignment in May so I can go in April or the first week of June. Which is the better time? Also, what 3-4 dry flies and 2-3 nymphs would be a good selection to carry? Hook size and color help appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Smokey Fly Selection

    One of the guys that used to tie with us swore by one fly for the Smokeys. He fished there often. He would say every size and variation of the Tellico Nymph.

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    Default Re: Smokey Fly Selection

    Adams &/or Mr Rapidan
    Neversink Caddis
    Green Weenie
    Pink Barbie

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    Default Re: Smokey Fly Selection

    The first week in June would be best.

    Neversink Caddis- Yellow. #16
    PA- Olive and Grey #14-18
    Stimulators- orange-yellow #16
    BWO- #18 If in April
    Yellow stoneflies- #16-18
    Sulfur- 16-18
    Possible Green drakes in May...10-12

    Nymphs- Only if nobody is watching.....
    Green and tan caddis puppa
    Copper johns

    Dont forget some SJ worms...greenie weenie(pink-green)

    That should cover you.

    If the flow is up or blown out....dont forget some streamers.

    My boxes are 800 miles away..... It wouldnt hurt to have some March Browns...Quills...light Cahills. Springtime in the Smokies-- I might carry 30 or so patterns.

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    Default Re: Smokey Fly Selection

    Drys- Orange and Yellow Stimulators #12 #14 #16
    Elk Hare Caddis #12 #14 #16
    Wulff patterns
    Pink Lady
    Yellow Sally

    Nymphs- Hares Ear #12#14
    BHPT #12 #14
    Prince #12 #14
    Stonefly #8 #10

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    Default Re: Smokey Fly Selection

    You should contact Rob Fightmaster at 1) Go fishing with him! He is one of the most genuine hard working guides you will fish with. Lunch is always great! 2) Buy his hatch guide. He has put together a little pocket hatch guide that is awesome for the Smokies.


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    I would suggest going with a guide the first day and just telling them what your goals are. This would save you bumbling around the first few days of the trip and have you dialed in on day 1. As mentioned above Rob is a good guide and on the North Carolina side I would suggest going with Fly Fishing the Smokies. If you enjoy the touristy side of things I would stay on the Tennessee side. If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle but still be close to some great dining and things to do I would suggest staying in bryson city on the NC side. The NC side is my favorite and has exceptional fishing in and out of the park. The TN side is good as well I just feel the opportunities are a little more limited and the fishing is more pressured as a result. As for the time of year I would suggest anything in June.

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