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    Default June 2014 Visit to Miami/Keys

    Hello, I will be visiting Miami with a friend in June and was wondering if anybody could recommend some good local shops? I will probably be doing mostly wade fishing unguided, but might spring for a guide as well, havent made up my mind.

    Also, I will be heading to the Keys for a day or two during my stay. I am open to any and all fishing, but would really like to catch any if not all of these and they dont have to be big trophies: Tarpon, Snook, Bonefish, Cuda, Reds.

    I would like to get a shot at some Peacock Bass and a Snakehead.

    If anybody would like to PM me some decent spots, I wouldnt be mad. Also, if anybody would like to maybe meet up and do some fishing, I wouldnt be mad about that either.


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    Default Re: June 2014 Visit to Miami/Keys

    For peacocks and snake heads the canal along the Tamiami Trail, AKA Calle Ocho and the lakes right by the Miami airport are easy access. I've fished the canal but not the lakes. If you go to the keys in June hit Islamorada. Bud and Mary's Marina will hook you up. They have been there for fifty years and have a stable of good guides.
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    Default Re: June 2014 Visit to Miami/Keys

    Well, I'm not much help in/around Miami. Hell, I'm probably not that great of a help for the Keys, but I was there last year and going back this year.

    If you plan to wade fish, there are actually very limited access points in the Keys. Most of the flats you see on the shows were accessed by boat. Bahia Honda State Park is a nice place to go. You have to get there early, as it is a popular beach. We went, but it was later in the day and had no luck. There are a couple more spots, but I cannot remember them. We stayed in Islamorada right on the beach, so we could fish right from the house. We caught a few small barracuda, and that was it.

    We went to the Bass Pro, and a nice, older gentleman told us some spots to go. He was also very informative, since this was our first time to fish the salt. Also, another great shop is the Florida Keys Outfitters. They helped us as well, and also got us a last minute guide.

    If you plan to get a guide, I would start looking now. Many of the good ones are booked far in advance and have return clients that get priority.

    I have no idea of your skill level/experience, but we were completely caught off guard. We are used to fishing rivers and lakes, not the ocean. It is challenging for the beginner salt fisherman, dealing with the wind, waves, and accuracy needed to hook up.

    I started a thread about it on here, Damn! That was a humbling experience..

    I am getting really excited to go again. We are going down sometime in late April, and I am going to start practicing once this damn snow melts. Good luck.

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    Default Re: June 2014 Visit to Miami/Keys


    The Fly Shop of Miami is right on US 1 (South Dixie Highway,Northbound Side) at about SW 80th Street. I'd stop in there, buy a couple flies for peacocks and talk to them about the canal a block south of them for peacocks, and anywhere else they recommend.

    I'd bring a street map of Miami with me. People always like marking X's on maps, and it takes them much less time than complicated directions to out of towners.

    Do you have Google Earth? Cheers, Jim

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