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Dave is a pioneer fly fishing explorer who has found many of the best angling adventure values.

You don't have to be wealthy to go to the Bahamas and catch Bonefish on the fly rod. For $1500, you can stay beach side for six nights, you can have a guide take you out 2 days, you can eat well, rent a car, and still have money left over for a case of Kalik.

First you have to fly to Freeport. I fly from Lauderdale via Continental ($310 round trip, takes an hour) I am met at the Freeport Airport by my guide, Bernard Bevans bahamasbonefishing.com Bernard takes me to the rent-a-car (about $100 a day) and to the supermarket to load up on coffee, sandwich stuff, breakfast stuff, cold drinks, water, bread, etc. You'll easily spend $150 because everything's a bit more in the Bahamas.

REMEMBER, you'll be driving on the LEFT!

So off we go....a 40 minute drive to Pelican Point, a tiny settlement near the East end of Grand Bahama Island, 20 minutes from the boat launch in McCleans Town. Nearby flats are only minutes from where you'll be staying.

If you need a cell phone, you have to buy one in the Bahamas with a $5, $10 or $20 card that enables calling the U.S. and locally. $150 will fix you up. But a cell isn't really necessary.

Bernard can make arrangements for your stay at one of the local cottages. $75 to $100 a night. Pure relaxation and peacefulness. Your evening home-cooked meals can be delivered by a local cook...Ask for Alie!
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Select the days you'd like to fish with Bernard in his skiff, and then fill in the other days wading the flats on your own, or just relax and beach comb, read, chill out.