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    Default Re: Newbie Seeks Teacher in North GA

    to the forum....great place to learn! I hope you find a "teacher" in your area
    It might be a good idea to go there

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    Default Re: Newbie Seeks Teacher in North GA

    I think we might have scared her off.
    "Fight like you're the 3rd monkey trying to get on Noah's Ark"
    "Not every day is filled with sunshine. Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue"
    "If God had intended for man to only fish on weekends, He never would have created the other 5 days of the week."

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    Youre getting lots of advice to travel hours outside your neighborhood so Ill offer something different.

    1st, the delayed harvest on the Chattahoochee is right in your backyard and would be a great opportunity to cut your teeth.

    2nd, there is an Orvis store in Alpharetta and Buckhead. Both should offer free lessons on a monthly basis.

    3rd, register on North GA Trout Online, NGTO, and post there too. They have a section for women FFers if that add a level of comfort for you.

    Finally, Id be happy to fish with you and teach you what I can... been fly fishing for the better part of two decades. Im also happily married so no alterior motives here.

    Good luck with the sport.

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    Hi Kap
    i would like to suggest Ken Loeko up in cumming. a very knowledgeable and very patient. my wife and i took his class several years ago.
    Fly Fishing School... and North GA Guided Trips

    also i would 3rd Jimmy Harris at unicoi outfitters. they offer classes almost year round. hopefully you have already found somebody, but those would be my 2 cents.
    also join your local TU. there is a chapter close to you..

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    Default Re: Newbie Seeks Teacher in North GA

    North Georgia. Blue Ridge. As good as it gets. My girl friend is an avid fly fisher/tyer and shes also quite good at explaining everything trout. If you are ever up in our neck of the hollow, drop a line. We fish often and always have beer.

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