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    Cool Anna Maria Island fly fishing questions!

    I very well may be heading down for a quick 4-5 day trip to AMI in March (dates unknown as of now) this year, and for sure a week down there next year.

    The only salt-water fly fishing I've done is...well, none...other than up in Alaska.

    What sorta gear do you guys use down there? What weight setups? What flies? And what the heck would I be catching in March down around AMI?


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    I've only ever been in the summer, and it was snook trout and 100 lb tarpon. I would find a guide and use his gear. It'll be easier to fish from a boat anyway.

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    My fishin' partner goes there with his wife for 3 weeks every November and again in April
    Fishes the beach every single morning.
    8wt rod and size 2 and 4 flies

    Sent me this picture a couple of years ago
    Apparently it's a "southern stargazer" They're "electric"
    The fly appears to be a "chrystal schminnow" snook fly

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    I visited AMI once a few years back and it was a fun place. I would definitely go back there. Beautiful beaches and water.

    For the week there, I rented a kayak and tried some fishing. Didn't do very well at all out in the big water. I did see some people catching snook in the surf, but they were using live bait of some type of minnow.

    My son did catch a very nice redfish in the canals. Some people have dock lights on at night that attract lots of fish. It's pretty fun watching all of the fish activity around the dock lights. If you get lucky you might catch something.

    If I remember correctly there is a place called AMI Outfitters. The guy that ran the shop fly fishes from a stand up paddle board. I seem to remember him offering guide services, so you might want to check there.

    Have fun, it's a beautiful place.


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    Maybe hit Bean Point and fish the beach about sunrise. If you're looking for a guide, try Rick Grassett. You also might wanna go onto youtube and do a search for 'Steve Gibson'. He has some beach snook fishing videos on there that are instructional in nature.

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