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Thread: Forney creek

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    Default Forney creek

    Anyone on the board ever fish forney creek? Its a creek off the north shore of the fontana resivoir in NC. I'm planning on goin there sometime this fall and was hoping to get some pointers on techniques or locations on the creek.

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    What exactly are you wanting to know about it? You are making a good choice by going there. It doesn't get all the hype as some other streams like nearby hazel but it can produce just as well.

    Anyway, i've fished it before just let me know what exactly you want to know.
    Craig Lancaster
    Statesville, NC

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    Default Re: Forney creek

    I was just looking for advice on techniques for fishing on the river, as in what works or types of flies that may or may not produce, and what locations might be better to try, the upper reaches, towards the mouth? Thanks for the help.

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    Ok i got you, first off when are you going?

    I should be able to lead you in the right direction then. A couple weeks can make a big difference around this time of year in the smokies.

    By the way, i see you're from boone. My fiancee goes to app state and we hike up that way alot. Some great streams up there off the beaten path, just got to find them.
    Craig Lancaster
    Statesville, NC

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    Default Re: Forney creek

    i'll probably be going sometime in october. Not really sure yet i'm just in the planning stages.

    Thats awesome i'm enrolled there as well!... there are definately a lot of little honey holes to be found, i've got a few. Maybe if you're up here sometime we could hit the stream up for a little while. If you'd like to do that just shoot me a PM and i'd be glad to go.

    Thanks for all the help i really appreciate it.

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    I'd love to do that i know for a fact i'll be up there the week before thanksgiving, but i guess you'll probably have classes. I'll still shoot you a pm when i'm going to be up there we may be able to work something out.

    Anyway, about forney......if you're going in october then definitely go in at the lower end. Hike upstream a couple miles to get away a little bit and the fishing should be good. The browns will most likely be spawning so hold on. Forney is a good stream, and luckily, it doesn't get no where near the press that nearby hazel and others get.

    For flies, i would carry some blue winged olives, perhaps even some larger stimulators. Honestly, that should cover your bases for dries. For nymphs, again, carry some bwo's, prince nymphs (both large and small), and a few smbsh.

    Don't be afraid to throw a large nymph, you might hook a big one, they are in there.

    Hope that helps, any more questions just let me know.
    Craig Lancaster
    Statesville, NC

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    Default Re: Forney creek

    Thanks a ton man!!! Definately send me a pm when you get up here i'm sure i could manage to squeeze a fishing trip in. the info you gave me was just what i was looking for. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Forney creek

    O and here's a brown i took about a week ago in one of my secret spots...

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