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    Default Re: Asheville area research help

    On another site I was given this link for my May trip. Very helpful

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    Default Re: Asheville area research help

    Some excellent suggestions above. A few more thoughts...

    Sounds like it would not be an issue, but in case it does matter none of the GSMNP campgrounds have showers. Though they do have (very clean) bathrooms.

    Cataloochee is one of my favorite places to camp and fish. The campground is small (under 30 sites), right on the river, there is great wildlife viewing (last time there an elk walked right through the campground), a terrific small stream (Caldwell Fork) is within walking distance of the campground and a couple of others are a short drive. For the most part trails parallel the streams, but in general they're not quite as open as the place you mentioned, where parents could easily trade off holding the child while the other fished. Don't get me wrong, access is generally quite good, but depending on water levels, how dense the shrubbery is and the terrain (at times the trail is above the water level), the ability to easily enter and exit can vary. Cataloochee always requires advance reservations.

    I know you said you don't want a large campground, but you might look at Smokemont, near Cherokee. Bradley Fork is a wonderful stream and runs right through the campground, and at least in the campground area fits your description of allowing one parent to fish while the other stands on the bank with the kid. A trail that begins in the campground basically parallels the BF upstream, but as mentioned above ease of access varies based on water levels, how far the trail is from the water, etc.

    The book mentioned above is excellent and does cover quite a few of the waters in GSMNP, but if you decide to go to the park you might want to pick up "Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park" by Jim Casada. An excellent resource.

    Another place you might look into is Black Mountain Campground--northeast of Asheville and in the Mt. Mitchell area. It has just under 50 sites and it does have showers. The South Toe is a wonderful stream that runs right through the campground. Access is quite easy and it's pretty wade friendly, but the banks are quite rocky and so not sure if it would be the best place to carry a kid. But if you'd be allowed to sneak away for a couple of hours to fish, it's a great spot. And there is a hiking trail nearby, though I've never done it.

    Someone had mentioned the South Mills. I've never stayed there (too close to home), but it is quite close to Asheville--and maybe 15 minutes from the Sierra Nevada brewery. One thing is to consider though is that the river will have received its first stocking on 10/1 (it's a Delayed Harvest water, and gets stocked in October, November, March, April and May). So it should have plenty of recently stocked and stupid fish, but there also will likely be a lot of people out fishing, especially on a weekend.

    Good luck to you.

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