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    Default Big Lagoon State Park Newbie Questions

    Going on a family vacation mid September to Perdido key for a week. Really not a beach/lounging by the pool kind of guy so I started looking around the general area for some kayak rental places to do some fishing and stumbled across Big Lagoon State Park. Looks like a nice place to paddle around and do some casting. I'm a South Louisiana boy (don't hold it against me!) so I am familiar with fishing for specks/reds/sheedpshead etc. Was wondering if any of you guys from around there had any insight on the water in and around the park:

    1) How much of a tide range is there?

    2) Is there a lot of outboard traffic? (how safe is it for paddlers)

    3) Are there a lot of grass flats or mostly deeps water?

    4) Hard or soft bottom?

    5) Is it very crowded that time of year?

    Been to perdido key a few times before but never fished. Looking forward to it!

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    Default Re: Big Lagoon State Park Newbie Questions

    I fished it once many years ago. there is not much tide range, similar to so. La. 2.5 ft would be a big tide. The ICW runs through big lagoon so expect boat traffic especially near or in the channel, but you should be safe as long as you don't try to cross the channel. There are grass flats and most of the bottom is sand but where I accessed the water was at the mouth of a small bayou and there was a short stretch of ankle deep mud. I actually caught more that day at Johnson Beach which is located almost directly across from the State Park on the south side of the lagoon. There is a small boat launch at the end of Johnson Beach road that should be perfect for a kayak. As far as crowds weekends will be crowded, but it looks like school will be in session so weekdays should be nice.
    Pull the area up on Google and look at it. The grass beds are brown, the bare sand flats are white. Deeper areas look dark green or blue

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    Default Re: Big Lagoon State Park Newbie Questions

    Thanks for the advice. Yea I've been scoping out the area on google earth and had saw that Johnson beach ramp you talking about. I definitely plan on checking it out.

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    Default Re: Big Lagoon State Park Newbie Questions

    Water goes downhill by 11 because of boat traffic. Specs on the grass flats and outside of grass Spanish mackerel will be roaming around. If you drive to Johnson’s beach fish north side and hit the coves and points. Redfish heaven. Good luck. Also motorboats can not run their mothers in the coves.

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