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    Default NC DH recommendations

    Looks like I will be able to fish this weekend and wanted some input on where to go. I spent a day at the green river a couple of weeks ago. The water was high but I was still able to land a few browns and one rainbow. Also, ran into a couples of snakes! I have been to several streams in the smokies. I had decent success at deep creek, raven fork, and straight fork. I would like to check out a new area with a chance of catching some larger trout. I have been researching some of the delayed harvest streams and am hoping you all could help me out.

    Fishing the Green River was difficult with the water level up. I tried several different patterns and finally started catching fish in the evening, an hour before leaving. All were caught on a pink squirmy drifted along the bottom of deep under cuts along the bank.


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    Default Re: NC DH recommendations

    Welcome to our forum,

    Generally we like to get to know a fellow before the sharing of where to fish posts begin to flow...…………………… I don't mean to offend but it's your very first post. Spend some time here, get into discussions, read threads about the area you are headed and you'll see there's plenty of info here already. May sound harsh as a welcome but we are primarily a discussion forum not an information mine.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: NC DH recommendations

    What Ard said.

    In the meantime, start here:
    Mainline the blueline

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    Will do and thanks!

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    If the water is up on the Tuckasegee I'd fish the tributaries. last time I fished high water there I caught some nice trout (14"- 16" fish) in Caney Fork. The main river was high and not very wadable for the most part but the tributaries were. Caney Fork is no big secret. Just an example tip. If the water is too high to wade in the big rivers you can usually find easier water in slightly higher elevations of the tributaries.
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    The Jackson County stretch of the DH on the Tuck was stocked yesterday. I know because yesterday I saw the stock truck on North River Road at the Harris boat ramps and later cruising through town. So, if you're looking to catch stoked trout then now is the time on the Tuckaseegee. The water levels are low and, at the time of this writing, there are no scheduled dam releases post on Duke Energy's website.

    Fishing Tuck tributaries during high water is sound advice. One note about Caney Fork: if WCU is in session, then the college kids are beating the dogshit out of those fish. Summer, fall/spring break, and Christmas Break are all better times to check out Caney Fork.

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