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Thread: The "W" Word

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    The dreaded W word. Dare not use it while fly fishing,....ever! Someone, somewhere has used it because it has not stopped now for nearly a week. We are talking shrill, howling eye watering W. I tried to get the skiff out onto the flats and work my way into the backcountry bayous along the Nature Coast of Florida and got soaked, frozen and blown off course. My usually protected bayous were all white capped to my disapointment. Oh well, a good day to tie some flies after all. I really didn't care about the cold front and how it turns things off. I have caught some nice reds during a clold front before but there was no way to get into my spots without crashing into the rocks. Damn W! The Nature Coast is rockin with big reds right now and there are some huge snook hangin in the creek mouths and along the mangrove roots when the sun warms things up. Well if no one says it, it will go away.
    Anyone looking for a good Mitzi Skiff? I got a new one and am selling this one for under 8K.
    Capt. Pat
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    Ahhh, you're talking about horizontally moving air molecules. That's what we call it when fishing the Bow River in Alberta. If anyone says the "W" word, they have to buy dinner at days end. I used to fish with a buddy that got so mad at me for saying the "W" word, he wanted me to turn around my vehicle and take him home before we reached the water. He was serious too but I eventually talked him down. The air molecules did indeed speed up that day but we caught a ton of fish so that made up for it.

    "What a tourist terms a plague of insects, the fly angler calls a great hatch".
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