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    i'm fishing the North Mills this weekend with some buddies, and was wondering if anyone had fished there in the past couple of weeks? Just curious how the bite has been? i know they're are mostly stockers in there and the water levels had been low, but i'm hopeing with the recent rain fall that the fish will be active and hungary with winter approaching. any suggestions and/or comments is always appreciated! tight lines!

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    30 miles south of North mills, water was up 1.5 - 2 feet, Bows were holding in tailouts, brookies were in the riffles and browns were along the edges. Bite was on between 2 and 4:30. Prior to that it was slow (drop it on thier nose) presentations. Big Browns were in the pools too (around 3ish and on) and dead drifting (rolling along the bottom) streamers brought a couple to hand.

    This was last Friday 12/3.

    Sorry I can't get any closer to you for a fishing report.

    #18 bwo's were hatching but I didn't stop nymphing to cast dries.
    Flashback PTN's #16
    October caddis are still coming off #14 and #16 Fox Squirel nymphs
    Olive woolly buggers #10 and 8
    Little black stones #10 and 12
    caught one Bow on a zebra midge dropper #20
    guy at the fly shop was tying up #20 midges (black bead, purple flashaboo body with silver wire rib and peacock thorax) I already had one but lost it early in the day. I just tied up 6 more for next weekend.

    good luck and tight lines!

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    thanks for the great info! i'll be sure to share some stories and pics after our trip. I'm loaded up on nymphs and ready to go!

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    well i got up early saturday morning and met up with 3 of my fishing buddies and we headed up to Brevard to fish the North Mills DH water. all i can say is wow what a disappointment that was. We hiked to the top of the river and fished all the way down to the park area, and i might have seen a half dozen fish the whole day. The water was crystal clear and there were no fish to be caught. all four of us left with a skunk, and that has never happened before. I don't know if the fish have been poached or if maybe the rain last weekend washed them out of the DH section, but there were none to be seen or caught. the few we saw were so spooked that the guy with the spinning reel and a panther martin couldn't even get a sniff. Spoke to 3 other guys fishing the river and they had caught 1 fish between the 3 of them. i just hope i can get out once more before the year ends, i would hate leave 2010 with a skunk hanging over my head.

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    sorry to hear the trip was a wash for you guys. im stuck in cell phone range for the remainder of the year. no bars in the mountains where i fish so it looks like next line wetting will be after the first

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