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  1. Default Stone Mountain State Park, NC

    Does anyone know if Bullhead stream is still managed under the old "English Beat" system? If so, what is the going price these days to secure a certain portion of the stream? This was a wonderful place to take someone young or old to teach them about fly fishing. Thanks.

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    Bullhead still falls under those rules but the state has let it go to pot.
    I can't recall if it was $7.00 or $14.00 per beat but as of the past few years, it's not worth it IMHO... not until the state gives it the respect and treatment it deserves and under which it was willed to the state.

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    Thats truly unfortunate. I used to take my kids there in the late 80's, early 90's to fish. However, following the release of "A River Runs Through It" the stream saw much much more pressure. The state did do a good job at that time keeping up with the added pressure on the stream and environment. The reason for my original inquiry was due to a request for information from a friend concerning fishing with his kids. I'll tell him to skip this place. Thanks for getting back to me with your info.

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    I have heard it is a good place to fish. It looks nice when you research it on the net.
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