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  1. Default Where to fish in Georgia?

    My father-in-law recently moved from Northern California to Atlanta. He is a life-long fly fisherman and he actually introduced me to fly fishing 20 years ago. At the age of 84 and with a bum knee he thought his fishing days were done. But he got a new knee and feels up to the fishing assuming the terrain is not to rigorous. Since he is new to Georgia he has no idea where to fish. I would like to arrange a fishing trip for him and myself and possibly one of his old fishing buddies. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about fly fishing in GA and I am looking for input on fishing resorts/lodges with the following criteria - 1. reasonably priced (I have located a couple that are quite expensive), 2. relatively easy access to some waters (my father-in-law is not up to long walks, rocky entries and steep inclines), 3. within a couple hours drive of Atlanta. He's now 86 and feeling surprisingly good. I'd like to get him out of a river if possible.

    If anyone can suggest few places that we might consider it would really appreciate it.

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    Lambster is a member of this forum and he is a fly fishing guide in Georgia.
    Send him a PM and ask some questions. He is a real nice person and even if your dad is too far from his location he will be able to steer you in the right direction. Here is his web site.


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    If you want to catch stripers try this guy About Henry - Henry Cowen

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    If I may and if it is allowed, I suggest you make friends on this site:
    North Georgia Trout Online - NGTO
    They're a very good group of folks. They put on 'fish-in's' a couple times a year that are great fun. They also are big at the FFF S/E council conclave usually held at Callaway Gardens every year (and I hear again this year, though word is slim on that right now)

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    You may want to consider a float trip on the Chattahoochee (about 20 minutes north of Atlanta). I took my family (wife, 7 year old son and myself) with a River Through Atlanta guide (see their website) the day after Thanksgiving. We all had a great time, and we all caught some nice fish. Wife and son fished from the boat, and I waded and fished from the boat. My son caught (cast, hooked and landed) a 15 inch Rainbow.

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    I appreciate all the great advice, web resources and connections to people in the know. I'll begin exploring.

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    my two favorites for quick fishing are tamen park in blueridge (trout).
    and sloppy floyd state park (panfish).
    if you have a boat the lower etowah is superb bass fishing.

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    Default Re: Where to fish in Georgia?

    Great thing you're doing. I'm sure he'll have a blast getting out there whatever you decide. You've got great advice from all above. Have a great trip, and we'd love to hear a report.


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