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Thread: Helton Creek

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    Has anyone ever fished Helton Creek in Ashe Co NC?

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    Yeh man fished it one time last year and it is an amazing fishery BUT way way way over fished. As you might know it is a delayed harvest stream but it is one of the only ones in the area. It is stocked very heavily but people fish the **** out of it. Also, there is very little regulation on the stream so lots of time the fished are jerked out and put in a frying pan as fast as their stocked. I have a friend that owns a local fly shop and he said he watched two guys catch a cooler full with a can of corn in about a half hour! He reported them but never saw a warden. If you can hit it right it can be a great day of fishing but i would try to avoid it on the weekends for sure!
    Good luck and let me know how you do man!

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    Thanks Nate,
    I live close to the Mitchell River in Surry Co and theres a lot of the same isssues there as far as poaching goes which really annoys me. Im hoping to go to Helton Creek sometime next month. Thanks for the advice.- Chad

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    Oh cool, I used to live in Stokes Co. and fished the Mitchell very regularly. That stream is getting hit really hard these days isn't it? Hate it man that was a fun stream to fish. I live in Boone now and the same thing is going on here but there are just more places to fish. You should come up and wet a line with me sometime bud.

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