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Thread: North Carolina

  1. Default North Carolina

    looking to gain some information on fly fishing north carolina... are there any good trout streams/rivers, lakes.... etc
    Looking for somewhat central, west of the state.

    Brandon Heather
    Xtremely Alberta Outdoors
    Fly Frenzy Custom Flies Pro Staff

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    I have lived in Carolina my whole life and now attend ASU in Boone NC and fish nearly every day. NC has some wonderful fishing in this area but the streams get A LOT of attention! Unlike the Western United States these streams are small and few and far between. Most of the fish we catch in this region are stocked fish by state. In the state we have three major streams. The first is Delayed Harvest streams. This means the fish cannot be harvested until June 1st but these streams are a big attraction to fly fisherman catch and release fishing. The second major stream is Hatchery Supported streams. These streams are usually smaller and fishing can be very good in these streams BUT season opens April 1st. Sometimes it can be hard to find fish in these streams due to the all so famous meat fisherman in this area. The third major stream is Wild. These streams are not supported by the state and for a fly fisherman can be a ton of fun! These streams are fished very little and in this region that is a very positive thing. The fish in these streams are usually not to picky but the size of the fish is smaller than in hatchery supported streams. To me these steams can be very rewarding because many of these steams rarely see a fisherman and it is a good opportunity to catch a NC Native Brook trout. If i were you i would look at NC's river fishing for Smallmouth Bass. These streams/rivers are usually not overfished and this can make for a very fun and rewarding day of fishing. The New River is a major attraction for Smallmouth fisherman. All in all NC can be a very rewarding state to fish in but sometimes it takes practice and that "Secrete" spot to catch fish. If your in the area let me know and we might try to get together and wet a line. Good luck and let me know how you do!
    For a complete explanation of fishing waters and regulations check out Trout Sign Gallery

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    that about sums up my questions.
    i am just considering coming there, not a for sure thing by any means but I think it would be cool to fly fish somewhere that is out of the ordinary,being from Alberta and all.
    I may try the smallmouth kick, ive got some divers, poppers tied up and some nice deceivers etc that would work great for them.
    I am trying to firmiliarize myself with that area. Thanks bud.
    Brandon Heather
    Xtremely Alberta Outdoors
    Fly Frenzy Custom Flies Pro Staff

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    Yeh man the area is beautiful and the fishing can be great, but the smallie action is awesome!

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