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  1. Default Sea Pines Saltwater

    What is the low-down on salt water fly fishing in Sea Pines on Hilton Head this time of year?

  2. Default Re: Sea Pines Saltwater

    I am in Savannah, and most of the local fishing reports have not been great. We just had the 3rd or 4th most rainfall in the month of May on record, and the rain has delayed the rise in water temps and pumped a lot of fresh water with silt into the shallow waters. The shrimp have not begun to come into the shallows yet either.

    Having said all of that, there are fish (esp. Red Drum/Spot Tail Bass) out there. The number of fishing guides for spin cast is large (one of the best is Miss Judy's Charters - they are on the web). There is one local (Savannah Fly Fishing guide - see Savannah Fly on the web). He is reputed to be good; I do not know - he has issues with guiding locals.

    There is also a fishing guide service (boat or kayak) that books out of The Outside Store Hilton Head (Hobie kayak dealer) - they are on the web also.

    In general, the fly fishing around Savannah can be good, but it usually is not good enough to make this fly fishing destination. My suggestion is to contact some of the above, and then you can make an informed decision. You might want to book a spin trip (it would most likely be for Speckled Trout), and then you could fly fish once you were into an area with feeding fish. It would be blind casting, which you could also do for Stripers around structure. Savannah Fly would be your best choice for sight fishing for Reds, and you might have a great day.

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