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stimulator2 07-01-2013 10:21 AM

Blue Lines,Green Lines..ETC
I see and hear about Blue line fishing all the time, well here in WNC we have blue,green,red,purple,brown and maybe some more lines i don't know.I know when i started flyfishing it was not all that popular for years here then it started to be all the rage and everyone is doing it which is good for the sport.We now have a Mountain Heritage Trout Water which is by permit without a licenses but if we go by lines its green(hatchery supported).Had a guide tell me the locals didn't fish or abide the heritage waters ,that's nice but he wasn't local he moved into the area, since i grew up fishing and living on that water i know whats in there,so if he wants to stay off the water there good.I don't care if you worm,spinner,or plug fish in that stream it's nice water and i will throw my flies there, here is what i got on Friday.
There are way more native fish than stock fish but don't tell anyone;)
Now on Sunday morning i got out again and ran into people so i went to an old place i have loved to fish for years two minutes from my house and this stream has no lines on the wildlife map.Guess that means no fish,well you be the judge.
Just because there is a line color on a map don't mean it's not fish worthy, judge the water and maybe if there is no colored line you find a jewel of a place to fish,so try it out if the water looks good.

fearnofishbob 07-03-2013 03:16 PM

Re: Blue Lines,Green Lines..ETC
Shannon....Bob here, I couldn't agree with you more... I'm a native of Haywood county and I've been at it for 60+ years.......... hang in there my friend !! :)

Ard 07-03-2013 04:03 PM

Re: Blue Lines,Green Lines..ETC
Hi Shannon,

Great report you've posted and it looks as though the rainbow has taken hold there pretty well.


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