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    Default Clinch River flies?

    Does anyone fish the Clinch River tailwater in TN? If so, any advice on the flies this time of year? I ask because I'm heading up there next Friday morning and fishing the weekend.

    I'm taking my kayak to float it as I know a lot of the area is private property and the open areas get heavy local pressure.


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    Default Re: Clinch River flies?

    Scott: If you don't receive any responses to your question, here is a link to a fly shop that fishes that river.
    You might give them a call or stop in and pay them a visit. Usually when I stop in and ask a fly shop for their expertise, I buy a few flies from them. Good luck with the fishing, be sure to post back with a trip report and some pictures of the stream if you have a camera.


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    Default Re: Clinch River flies?

    Thank you for the link, Larry. I'll get in touch with them and see what they recommend.

    Yes, I've got a camera and will definitely put up a report and plenty of photos for everyone!


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    Default Re: Clinch River flies?

    This time of year it's mostly midge fishing (daytime) unless the Cicada's are going. CR Outfitters (Cal) are definitely the best resource on the river. Expect to fish size 22+ zebra midges, sow bugs, etc.

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    Default Re: Clinch River flies?

    Burk -

    Well, it was a successful first trip to the Clinch a little over a week ago. I wound up catching 14 trout on Saturday (floating in my kayak) fishing a #20 black zebra midge. My largest was a 17" stocker rainbow.

    Thanks to all for the advice. By the way, CR Outfitters is shut down and so is the shop.

    Here are examples of my catch




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