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  1. Question Stream map for the Smoky Mountains?

    Well I give up searching. Does anyone have a link to, or know where at online I could possibly find a stream map for the Smoky Mountains? Son and I are wanting to take our yearly trip there this year.

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    Default Re: Stream map for the Smoky Mountains?

    Another member and I were talking a few days ago about these National Geographic Waterproof Maps. Here's a link to the area that you want:
    NC, KY, TN Series - Trails Illustrated by National Geographic
    I don't own one yet but I've looked at one. Really neat.

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    The source of the best, most detailed SMNP stream maps I have seen for the fly fisher: - Detailed River System Drainage Maps

    SMNP fishing focused message board, website, and fly shop (where I heard of the above maps and source website):

    Little River Outfitters - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains - Online Catalog

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    The National Geographic map is an excellent source of information.
    I am a big fan of the Delorme Topo USA map software, you get topo maps on the entire US on your computer. Topo USA - DeLorme

    An excellent online source of information for the NC side, A Guide to Fly Fishing North Carolina mountain trout streams
    It has the streams broken down by county and links to Google maps and information.

    " Reel Men Fish Cane Rods"

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    Thanks for the info.

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    Thanks so much all. Sorry it took me so long to get back. Been busy with getting my new prosthetic leg fitted and trying to get back to walking.

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    Thought I should contribute something to this since I'm the FNG around here.

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    Besides the excellent sources others have shared, you can also pick up a free fishing map at any of the Park Visitor Centers as you enter the park. I have fished the park using that map for several years (w/o getting lost). Also they sell an excellent hiking / camping trails map for $1 at the Park Visitor Centers.

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    I think the regular topographical type maps work well- you can get them for about $11 at Nantahla Outdoor Center in Gatlinburg. This shop caters to hikers. You often need a map of hiking trails to get where you want- and all the streams are shown as well.
    Put the trout back and eat at the Trout House in Gatlinburg.
    One thing I do want to do sometime in the future is have a primitive camp "way back in there" like in the good old days. I wonder if any of the stables would run a packhorse back in there for you- for more "creature comforts".
    I also get a kick out of using flies local to the area: yellowhammer wet, tellico nymph, greenie-weenie, thunderhead dry- the thunderhead floats well if you want to use a dry fly in fast water. An elk hair caddis is good and I use a variant- an elk hair emerger -#16- in tan, that is a floating nymph you can see well- and it has worked well.

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