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Thread: West TN?

  1. Default West TN?

    I'm new here and I live and fish in North West TN. Just wanted to check and see if anyone else from my area visits the site.

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    i fish around nashville with my father occasionally, I am in louisville myself

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    Held hostage here in Carjackistan (Memphis). Fish for trout in the Ozarks, shad in the Pickwick tailrace (Alot of fun) and anything else I can catch in ponds and lakes. Now that the kids are grown me and the wife have more time.

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    Hi bmadd,

    My sister lives on Pick Wick and I get up there every once in a while to fish. Some good Smallmouth in some areas.


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    I live near Dyersburg. I'm a new transplant to the area.

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