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    Default What Size Rod for Tennessee Waters

    I'm from Southern California but have family in the Middle Tennessee area (Murfreesboro). I make a couple trips out there each year and was wondering what is a good all round rod to fish the streams and rivers in the area. We also occasionally make a trip into northwestern part North Carolina, into the area around Cashiers/Sapphire/Highlands and was wondering if that rod would also work for the rivers and streams in that area. I'm planning on building a packable rod (probably a five or six piece) that I can throw into my carry on luggage when I head out that way; trying to figure out what would be the best length/weight blank to order. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Recommended Rod Size/Weight

    4 piece 5-6 wt 8'. There's some diverse streams in that area where you're slinging streamers, nymphs, and drys on mtn streams. TN is loaded with tailwaters so you've got a half dozen blue ribbon trout streams < 3hrs away.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Recommended Rod Size/Weight

    Thanks for the info.

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