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    Thanks everyone for the help- much needed and appreciated.

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    If it is 2 1/2 miles into the Falls/Horseshoe and you fish up stream until you get back where there is a trail- you can't leave a lunch on shore, etc- have to carry everything with you. Do you wade wet or wear waders? If waders- hiking in 2 1/2 miles seems a long way- wear out the felt soles. If you wear sneakers with rubber soles (not felt) do you use a wading staff? Are the rocks slippery with rubber soles or still slippery with felt soles? When you get out of the horseshoe it sounds like it is still about 2 miles back to the parking area- just wear the wet sneakers? Also- is there a special parking area near the start of the trail to the falls? Thanks.

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    I recently hiked with a 40lb pack 8mi each way in my felt soled SIMMs boots when I camped in one of the back country sites in the Smokies. The pack weight was a killer after the 6th mile but my feet never felt uncomfortable. The Boots offered terrific ankle support and were terrific hopping the boulders on the small streams. Also at the end of the week-end the soles did not show any unusual wear.

    The Abrams trial is pretty smooth (compacted dirt) so you should not have any issues with wearing out the felt soles. I wet waded (w/o waders) since the water temps were in the low 60s.

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    Thanks- didn't know that about felt- been babying them.

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    Studs in felt will be helpful on Abrams creek the temp here in Tennessee is getting quiet warm so wet wading is not out of the question water temps are up in the 50's .

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