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  1. Question New to Middle-Tennessee; Help please

    I've recently moved to the Franklin, TN area and am unfamiliar with the waters here. I "looked over" some, such as the Harpeth and Duck, but have had no time as of yet to fish any. A friend who does not fly-fish told me the Harpeth is basically infected with snakes and to stay away. I am not interested in only trout, truly just love catching any and all. I must admit, I'm not very expierenced, so as is stated in A River Runs Through It; "anyone who does not know how to fish, would not disgrace a trout in catching it." Although I truly aspire to be a great trout fisherman, I love fishing for smallmouth, largemouth and other worthy game fish. I could use some advice on good waters in and around the middle-Tennessee area. Thanks for the advice and time, Steve

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    My only experiences have been on the Caney. The few times i fished was on/off.

    I good friend of mine fishes the Duck. From what i understand...there is alot of good fishable water.

    Also you have the Elk......That is a fairly famous tailwater also.

    Sorry i could help more. If you head to the GSMNP....Give me a shout!

    Good luck


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    Check with the guys at Fly South in Nashville they will get you started in the right direction.

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    fly south - the go to,,there is another shop way down south,,flies an lies or something toward that ..check fly south page ,go to links..Williamsport ,very good, rent alil jon boat (like 8 bucks -a day)($5to fish 1 0f 4 ponds )on the Harpeth ...go down over towards where the old spillway used to be ,,good section there ..also harlinsdale pond off franklin rd.,just take a look acroos from the factory,,also over at on the old natchez trace rd,deeper runs ......I am ...drop me a e-mail,,maybe go chase some smallies or blue gills,also over on carters creek an coleman ,there is a pond -its shallow,you can see the carp tailing ,,runoff from the Harpeth....git ahold of me ,,,take care michael

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