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    I've been working in Alabama for several weeks and discovered a real gem of a river. Flowing out of Smith Lake in northern Alabama, the water is drawn from deep in the reservoir. What comes out is crystal clear and cold, so for about 14 miles downstream of the dam on the Sipsey Forks there is some nice rainbow fishing.

    Two weeks ago I hired a guide who took me out for an afternoon limited only by my meager ability. I still managed to land 5 rainbows in the 12 to 18 inch range, all released. A few days ago I went back without the guide and it was slower but I caught one 14 inches.

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    Awesome man! Is this the only trout water in bama!?

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    I'm not sure, but the guide said it is the only place in Alabama where you can fish for trout year 'round. The first couple of miles of the river have public access points from the road to the pump house on the east side. It has been improved by the power company to look like a mountain stream with riffles, runs, and pools. Fishing isn't possible when the power plant at the dam is generating, but they don't generate all that often. Generating schedules can be found on the website of the Riverside Fly Shop, which is a nice fly shop at the turnoff to the pump house road at the bridge. They also provide a guide service. Kayak rentals are available to access the river for the 11 miles downstream of the bridge.

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    I YouTubed fly fishing on Sipsey Fork. Came up with this guy who's got 6 or 8 videos posted about how great the fishing is. He never catches a fish. He does have a video on how to fillet trout he's "caught" on the Sipsey. It's a long video where he goes through all the trouble of scaling, gutting, and cutting the heads off of them before he fillets the fish???? I think he must have bought them at the local market. It's a one man show. Most of the videos show POV of driving down the road or walking down paths to the river or access points then just filming the water. Some times he'll set up the camera and you'll see him casting and watching his line float down the river. I'm screaming at the screen telling him "dude!! let your line drift!!" He's casting at the very front of the holes and drifting his line about 3' then casting again. It's fun to watch.

    Not knocking the river. Never fished it and there are several other videos of people actually catching fish. Might have to sneak up there and give it a try.
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