I've only fished in town (Gatlinburg) twice. It was ok - caught several on zebra midges and egg flies. But for me, the real fun is up in the park, trying to catch those spooky, wild guys. For that, you need go no farther than Sugarland Visitor Center and fish the West Prong up parallel to the road going up to Clingman's dome. You seldom see the road, even though its just through the trees. Fun, fun pocket water and short runs. The fish are small, but its a blast. Little River Outfitters has a great seach pattern dry fly for pocket water called a Neversink Caddis. Try it in a yellow #16. Give those little wild guys a try - you'll get addicted. The main thing is stealth - if you aren't stealthy those dinks will kick your a--!! Ha-ha!