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  1. Default Save the Bait - Protect Pogies in the Mississippi Sound

    Click here to tell the Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources to save the bait!

    The Mississippi Sound is an amazing natural resource, home to wildlife like dolphins and pelicans and famous for its fantastic fishing. Unfortunately, it's threatened right now by industrial menhaden boats and an irresponsible Department of Energy plan to dump hundreds of millions of gallons of polluted salt water into the Mississippi Sound.

    Menhaden are the most important link in the Sound's foodchain, and are eaten by everything from dolphins to redfish. This is why they make such great bait, and why it's so important we have healthy schools out in the Sound. Texas has already put sensible limits on the pogie boats, and states on the East Coast have completely kicked the industry out of their waters but the Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources still hasn't taken action!

    Click here to send the Commission a strong message that it's time to protect the health of our coastal economy and natural resources by putting sensible limits on the pogie boats and government-trained, industry funded observers on board the boats to monitor the amount of other sea life which is accidently captured and killed in their nets.

  2. Default Update on January CMR Meeting

    The Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources decided last week to take no action to manage the pogie boats in MS waters. I attended the meeting and was deeply disappointed by the Commission’s actions. The pogie reduction industry is the second largest fishery in the United States, yet they operate in Mississippi waters without any catch limits at all. Almost every other commercial and recreational fishery is subject to a catch limit!

    In fact, pogie boats are allowed to catch up to 5% by weight of other marine life. At current catch levels, this means they could be sucking up between 1.5 to 4 million pounds of other fish and animals every year. The combined annual catch limit in MS for red drum, spotted seatrout, and flounder is only 149,000 pounds! Why would we so tightly control these fisheries while ignoring the spotted seatrout, coastal sharks, and other species captured by the pogie boats’ nets?

    At the Commission meeting, the pogie reduction industry got its say. Now, it is time that the Commission opened up the debate and listened to the real concerns of recreational fishermen and all the businesses which rely on a healthy Mississippi Sound.

    You can check out TV news coverage of the meeting here:

    Pop Up Video

    Or an article in the Sun Herald here:

    For menhaden, no limits - Local -

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