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    Default Turkeys don't care

    I love to hunt. Don't get me wrong, I love to fish also. During the various hunting seasons, I'll carry a tote with some hunting stuff and a shotgun in my car at all times. Whenever I get a few free hours, I can be found wondering around the woods. The past 3 weeks have had me doing my best impressions of Marin Gaye with a turkey call, "Let's get it on; Ah, baby, let's get it on; Let's love, baby; Let's get it on, sugar.....". Well, the turkeys just don't seem to care.

    If my hunting stuff isn't in the car, I've got a tote with my waders and boots as well as my travel case with rods and flies in its place. Today, I had an appointment that was going to take me past one of our local tailwaters. After the rain we've gotten this winter, I had all but given up on having fishable water. Shockingly, there was a favorable generation schedule all day. I figured I'd take a 2 hour lunch break to fish and head back to the office. Well, I had good intentions.

    After gearing up, I was wading across the river to fish a chanel on the far side and I was greeted by a couple whitetail deer. They were young and seemed to be more curious as to why this fool was standing in a cold river with nothing but a stick. They posed for a few pics, then someone's car alarm started going off at the trailhead and......they gone.

    I started the day off with my usual zebra midge and had a take within the first dozen casts. I set the hook and turned the fish, but never got a hook-up. 3 hours later I was found flailing the water without a single strike after the first one.

    Eventually, the wind picked up to the point it was blowing my indicator upstream and keeping me from getting a good drift. I rumbled through my boxes looking for a small sparkle minnow and couldn't find a single one. The sparkle minnow is my "go to" fly. I'd be content fishing with nothing but a box of size 10, olive, sparkle minnows. But then, I couldn't justify having a whole basement of fly tying stuff to my wife.

    I went with the softhackle. I've had some luck fishing really small, size 18?, olive softhackles with wire wrapped bodies on this river in the past. Well, no go today. They wanted nothing to do with it. So...... do I head back to the office, or tie on the biggest softhackle I have, size 12 March brown, and strip it back like a streamer? Let's just say I started catching fish. And a bunch of them at that.

    Here's a few pics from the day, including the usual rod on a tree pic and the only brown I caught, freshly dumped into the river.

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    Default Re: Turkeys don't care

    Saw your thread. I will be fishing for wild mountain brookies on Thursday and turkey hunting on Friday morning. Glad to see that I'm not the only one around here trying to balance fly fishing, and hunting for deer and turkey. Best of luck in your spring gobbler season. Stay in the fight they are always pretty henned up in the beginning!
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