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    Default Spey course this weekend...

    Long time single hander and have fished all over Canada landing pretty much anything (freshwater) that swims. Living in the Ontario side of the Great Lakes now and have been doing awesome single handing my 10 footer for steels.

    BUT, I have been drawn to the call of the 2 the 'look' of the casting mechanism....and last summer I bought a 11' switch as the gateway into 2 handing. I then had contacted a local 'expert' to learn 2 handed techniques...but the wife veto'd that. She appealed to my ego saying "you can't teach yourself that?" (damn her knownig how to get to me).

    So, I spent a good part of the winter watching videos, flailing away on the water, having marginal success and learning that videos just can't convey some fundamentals. Basically, i apparently suck at 2 handing though I can cast a mile and half using single handed techniques, 2 handed....HAH.

    SO....a local fly shop here is hosting a full day spey course....and I am signed in for it. I am absolutely looking forward to it for sure for I know taking it, will give those pieces I am missing. I also know that this will add to my arsenal. Today....I would say that spey will not be my primary method, single handing long line nymphing will be that.....BUT it will be one more piece....and again, I say that TODAY.

    AND, taking the course....wink more reasons to buy more toys! That'll teach the wife for using my ego against me. WOOOoooo.

    Updates to come.

    King Joe, Outa Here!

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    Default Re: Spey course this weekend...

    Always good to see another one going down this road.

    It really is fun, albeit frustrating at times, dare I say that learning the basics in two handed casting is even more important than with a single hander, as each step of the cast sets the foundation for the next movement.

    Speaking of lessons, I have a two hour sesson I bought @ the Utah 'CFR' Auction last Fall with our local "Spey Guru" I need to take advantage of, there's no crime in a refresher!

    Have a great time.

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    Default Re: Spey course this weekend...

    Sorry for the delay in this update.

    Basically, I survived the spey day....hah.

    Course started with an hour or so in class talk. And while there was lots of good things talked about, 2 of the first things the instructer said:

    1) Don't start spey casting with a switch rod....casting is similar but best to have at least the basics with a 'real' spey (my words) before getting a switch. Oops, strike one for me....that is what I bought to start.

    2) IF you are deciding to spey cast....take a lesson and learn correctly. DON'T watch videos or read books...learn first hand. STTTEEERIIIKE 2 for me....this one I blame on my wife though.

    Hit the river. We were using 13 foot G. Loomis rods with Skagit lines. After some discussions and demonstrations, we started with roll casting....then it was into the river for the 6 of us.

    Me, doing not to bad with Rolls. Respectable. We were told to work off both sides....which I did. As i was working off my left side....I hear the yell from downstream where the instructor was working with another....."HEY, NO KACK HANDS!!!" STEEEERIIIIKEEE THREE!

    Apparently, I missed the thought line about being able to change hand positions...and because of my single handed tendancies, I simply did what I know....and not what was the intention. Didn't know that was called "Kack Handing" though...hah.

    Worked through Roll, Double Spey (both sides, no kack hands) and Snap T (both hands). Ended the on water with being allowed to shoot line. Did find that all and really hit it well. I was shooting tons and when i got it right, it was incredibly effortless. Though I had only been working with the switch a short time, I had ALREADY got bad habits however....I wasn't lifting into forming the D...but swooping down (that's what the videos seemed to be showing....ugh).

    Got some homework to practice, dryland, forming the D and will do that as soon as it stops freaking raining....apparently I am a fair weather fly cast practicer...hah.

    Small plug here.

    The instructors name is Rick Whorwood.....who makes his home in Southern Ontario. While an Ontario-ian...he travels to teach and give seminars on various topics. He was very knowledgeable and most of all, patient (for a dumb-ass like me, he had to be). If you are able to take a session from him, I'd make an effort to do so. I believe he has a web check him out but he did provide all in the course, his email which

    Again....was time well spent....and from the look of it outside, its stopped raining....and I've got homework to do.

    King Joe, Outa Here!

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    Default Re: Spey course this weekend...

    Your experience parallels mine. I bought a switch and flailed away on my own for several months whenever the weather permitted. Then I stumbled across the wisdom of learning on a spey rod first. So, I bought one and signed up for a two day class. My experience was great also with great instructors out of the Fly Shop in Welches, Oregon. Still practicing and now the switch rod is working almost as good as the spey.

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    Talking Re: Spey course this weekend...

    'Welcome to the Dark Side young Luke Skywalker, may the Force be with you.'
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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