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    Default Brule River Spey Conclave

    Sponsored by the LSSA

    When-September 8th 2018
    Where- Mc Neil’s Landing
    Who- Everyone invited, Family Friendly
    Food- Lunch provided, BYOB.

    More info?- contact me or hit the LSSA website or on Facebook the Brule River Skagit Casters.

    Going to be a great time a number of great casters and fly fishermen are presenting, reps from Sage, Rio and OPST.

    Should be good numbers of Browns, Steelhead, King and Coho Salmon in the river so we have wild fish to cast to.

    Try different rods, lines, reels with instruction, a few vendors may be there, I know my friend Tim the owner of Speyco will be.

    If you have any interest in spey it will be worth the drive.

    Thanks, UF. NEWS - Lake Superior Steelhead Association

    Update : James Millard operations manager from OPST is going to be there, don’t know what he has in store. Possibly the new smooth lines and a general presentation.

    I believe The LSSA would like a head count, probably for lunch. It might be on their website.
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    Default Re: Brule River Spey Conclave

    I’m hoping to make it up there for this event - need to get my switch rod out and at least get my Spey casting skill back up to the “poor” level from “terrible and embarrassing”!

    I’m headed to Wyoming a couple weeks later, and we’ll be fishing a couple rivers that the switch rod seems well suited for. It’s time to figure it out and maybe hook a Lake Superior brown in the process...


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    Default Re: Brule River Spey Conclave

    Awesome hope to see you there, you will get your casting confidence back, also it may not be you but a line and a tip.

    Trying out new stuff that’s matched well, is pretty eye opening, certainly it leans towards some new gear.

    I’m fishing the Friday before as well. Just text I’ll let you know where on the river I’m at if I have reception.

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    Default Re: Brule River Spey Conclave

    Update Speyco is bringing and large number of rods, reels and lines to try out all weights and sizes. TFO, and T and T among others. Also 13 to 15’ rods as well. Everyone is excited and with all the rain right now and cool weather maybe some fish will be landed.

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    Default Re: Brule River Spey Conclave

    In the Duluth Outdoors section it also mentioned that this was for fly fishing as well as spey. Is that accurate? Thanks

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    Default Re: Brule River Spey Conclave

    In the sense that spey fishing is one form of fly fishing. Also, they will also be dealing with speycasting using a single-handed rod which has become quite popular since the introduction of the OPST heads.

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    Default Re: Brule River Spey Conclave

    Yes, single handed rods and shooting heads apply as well, many are going with that sort of set up and the new commando smooth heads for multi species fly fishing.

    Please note the emphasis is on the swing and not drifting with indicators or tight line drifting.

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    Default Re: Brule River Spey Conclave

    Spey clave just keeps growing, it was a great time lots of people and welcome to all the new members and casters joining our group.

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