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Thread: Classic Leech spey flies

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    Default Classic Leech spey flies


    I'm diving into the world of tying classic spey flies. I love the elegant look and charateristics of these flies, down to the up-bent hook eye and sleekly bent hook shank. However, I'm going to focus on patterns that 'should' catch fish in my river. I spey cast for Catfish, Drum, Carp, Sturgeon, etc. (whatever will take a flie). So, class presentations of crayfish, Leeches, warmwater folage, etc., are what I need. Maybe Classic spey flies that could resemble shad flies, etc., as well? What I need is help with direction on materials. I can get the hooks here: SS001 - Classic Salmon & Steelhead - Allen Fly Fishing Store

    What I need to know are some patterns for the spey versions of these and what materials I should stock up on. What's good, what isn't. Etc. Please let me know...

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    Default Re: Classic Leech spey flies


    I think just as a classic, in a leechy sort of way, maybe a Lady Caroline or something. You could just do a fly like that and dye everything black. I'd use Black Goose Shoulder instead of Bronze Mallard. I have such a hard time getting good Bronze Mallard I would hate to dye it if I could use a substitute.

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    I just watched a video of this fly on Vimeo. Fly Fishing | Blog | Photos | Podcasts | Travel | Gear | and More - Moldy Chum - How to tie a Lady Caroline Spey Salmon*fly Looks good. Maybe not all black. Maybe put some dark blue/maroon/purple in the fly as well as the black. Make the tensile blue/purple/etc. Just to give it that more 'leech' appearance with added attracting features? Now, where do I get these materials at a 'not insane' price?

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    Default Re: Classic Leech spey flies

    You could tie up some Matuka's in all black or black and purple. Dec Hogan has a few shown in one of his books. For crawfish patterns there is the General Practitioner, the Cascade series of flies, Irish Shrimp patterns and its simple but deadly the Red Francis.
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