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    Default Re: Single hand rod skagit grain weights

    Don't mean to discourage you either, well actually yea, I kinda do. I'm just of the belief that if your gonna do 2Handed casting it needs to be done with a true 2handed rod. We all have to follow our own road, if your road continues on with a single hand rod doing the Skagit casting, so be it.

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    Default Re: Single hand rod skagit grain weights

    I would like to encourage you to learn the single-handed spey cast. It is not that easy, but can be done. Ever since I learned to single-handed spey, I don't see much of the use for back cast, although having the room for back cast will allow me to do different things with the fly rod. Getting the right line is important, but you really don't need to worry about having the line specifically designed for the job. You can get by with slightly heavier line, but not lighter line. You can also have regular fly line. Just go two or three weight heavier. I have casted all kinds of lines and did not see much of difference in terms of performance. Good luck and you will succeed in no time.

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    Default Re: Single hand rod skagit grain weights

    As previously mentioned the OPST heads are a great place to start as they were primarily designed for the just the application you describe. With the head you will also need some type of sink tip (Airflo FLO tip, Rio MOW) between the head and your tippet. I prefer the FLO over the MOW and you will be able to turn over T14 if you need to get really deep.

    There are also single hand specific spey lines out now, and other lines that work really well for single hand spey casting (Airflo River and Stream, Airflo 40+, Wulff Ambush) but for purely streamer work with sink tips I would go with the OPST.

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    Default Re: Single hand rod skagit grain weights

    Most one-handers are easily modified with a 3" butt extension from ARE. It can be done as a removable option too if you also built a short butt.

    This gives you two-handed control, efficiency, and consistency w/o the extra work/arm fatigue.

    I now have redone 4 old rods and will never go back to one hand profile on them.

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    Default Re: Single hand rod skagit grain weights

    If you like Rio, the skagit max short is the head you would want. Either the 250g or 275 would probably work well.

    I personally use a OPST commando 225g on a 6wt and at times I wish I went for the 250, but only when throwing the largest/heaviest flies.

    I also think this single hand spey/skagit thing is completely awesome and has many great uses where a Spey/switch rod would be cumbersome.

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    Default Re: Single hand rod skagit grain weights

    Here are you options that are out there now for a 7 Wt single hand rod -

    OPST Commando - 275 grain
    Airflo Skagit Scout - 270/300 grain
    SA Spey Lite Skagit- 240/270 grain
    Rio Skagit Trout Max - 325 grain

    While yes a double hander switch rod and lines may be better... if you're on a fixed budget, look at these.


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