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Thread: Jedi Trick

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    The Jedi master shares some wisdom.... I'll have to try this as it happens every time I'm out. Line curly q's in your running line.

    When using a mono running line, sooner... - Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics



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    Line twist is a 'given' with 2hander rods/lines. You'll need to do the above a couple of times per trip .. and at the end of the day.

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    Default Re: Jedi Trick

    Thanks for sharing that video, I had no idea how to remove twist in the running line.

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    It's common whether its a 2 hander rod or not.

    If you spend most of your time casting right handed (or casting on that shoulder), the line will always twist one way. You won't need to spend time working out which way the twist has formed because it never alters unless you're casting "cackhanded" for the session. It's that casting-on-the-side motion that is inducing the twist.

    During a "normal" session, hold the butt in the hand you're casting with, hold the blank above the stripping guide and spin the rod so the reel comes towards you over the top of the seat. (Choose the other hand only if the session is cackhanded.)

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