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    An update. I also bought a snowbee dicontinued integrated Scandi in 8/9# with mutiple tips included. 36grams so dead in the middle. 9/10# NLA and also at 40grams so a little too heavy. Line was discounted so even if line doesn't suit I have multiple tips (I don't see how it won't suit bearing in mind it is within recommended wt).
    Forgot to say, going to go get a lesson in a couple of weeks, probably the most important part of the equation.
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    I tried mono and it's just not for me. The best running lines I've used are the Steve Godshall ELF running lines. The shoot and handle very well.

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    Default Re: Pros and cons of mono and coated running lines

    Here's what I've used. My favourite so far is Airflo ridge coated running line. Low stretch so you can feel your fly if it ticks bottom or if a steelhead sneezes on your fly, it has very good grip in cold conditions, and shoots relatively easily.

    Miracle braid- great grip and shootability with low stretch as well, but ices up guides very quicky in freezing temps.

    Mono- not a huge fan, shoots to the moon, doesn't ice up guides easily, but not as grippy and too much stretch for my liking.

    P-line hydrafloat 50lb- I use this on my trout spey setup and it works well too. Zero stretch, shoots far, but doesn't handle as well with stripping.

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