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Lee has always been a major local presence at the Red Shed spey clave and at our fishing club expo. Great guy, and his lines are very popular here on the Clearwater. And Ard hit it on the head, Lee can really cast!
No doubt about the casting! I'm not in that league but the new line has added some length to my game without any added effort from me

Minor topic hijack coming your way:

Hi Dewayne,

Yeah, the spot where you and Ashton and I camped is basically devoid of salmon, the entire river is currently stuck in the 60's range. The other river where counts are conducted is at 25% of the count for this date just last year. And.... last year that river failed to make the minimum escapement number until very late in the year when a few stragglers finally moved upriver.

I was up on the stretch where the people tried to crowd us yesterday for 6 hours and saw no trace of a salmon. This doesn't mean I give up but I'm not traveling back up there today, I'll go again tomorrow to see if any have came in. Whether it's a factor or not the Big Su is very high with runoff, if it were to rise another 2 feet the spit where you moor boats will be inundated. The thinking is that high fresh water brings them in but we're still waiting.