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    Default Anyone using one of these?

    I was fumbling around a Tacoma fly shop last week land there was a display of these fly boxes that caught my eye.

    "PLAN D"


    Plan D Fishing - Pack MAX Fly BoxesPlan D Fishing

    Look perfect for intruders..... Anyone using them?
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    Default Re: Anyone using one of these?

    I've got one of the smaller sizes with the clear lids. They're pretty well designed and made, and do a good job of keeping your intruders sorted. The foam is not as robust as I'd like, but time will tell.

    If you fish a lot of intruders I'd definitely look into getting one. I'm hoping Santa brings me one of the tube fly boxes.


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    Default Re: Anyone using one of these?

    No, but those boxes look pretty sweet.

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    Default Re: Anyone using one of these?

    Not yet but my local fly shop has them and they look nice. If Im wearing my sling pack its fine.

    My whole problem is the size of the box. Im getting to the point of a bag of tubes and hooks, three sink tips all in my front zip on my waders and nothing else.

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    Default Re: Anyone using one of these?

    Been eyeing these for awhile. If Santa doesn't bring me a couple, I'm definitely buying some.

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