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    Default Re: Swinging flies on a 10ft 6 weight-the lines

    So ive spent some onwater hours with sa amplitude anadro in 5,6 and 7 weights.

    The 5 weight with a 7.5 ft intermediate polyleader was the standout overhead caster,easy casting ultra stable long distance bombs and powerful turnover,it still shs'd well with smaller lightly weighted flies size 6 to 8 at around 60ft and mends were excellent.
    Good choice if you will mainly overhead cast and occasionally roll it here and there.

    6 weight with 10ft intermediate polyleader,slightly to heavy to be a dedicated overhead caster and a touch light for prime shs performance.
    Still bombed size 6 longshank longtail bugger style pattern with 4.something mm tungsten bead and a few leadwraps from short to 90ft easily.
    Shs was good but short of excellent,50 ft snap t,perrypoke,tongarario roll (my favorite with this line)was easy enough and with a bit more effort 75 ft or more was done.
    Excellent allrounder.
    Shoots like a mofo.
    Mends like a mofo.

    7 weight,10 ft polyleader and size 4 leadwrapped dumbell eyed bugger style fly.
    Good overhead shooting to around 60 ft but gets ugly with to much out the tip,to heavy.
    Id get this if it was mainly to be used for shs methods,its awesome,enough said.
    Shoots and mends even better than the 6 weight,powerful,will turn over a mofo,and its friend.

    So i decided on the 6 weight anadro for general use with streamers and carry the opst 250 grain on the spare spool for the tight stuff.

    Next test will be a sa spey lite skagit 240 grain with 8 ft 3rd coast tips,,,,,

    Oh and then theres the problem of loomis releasing nrx+ 6100 that i know i ll need to try.

    It never ends,,does it?

    3 days ago the mayfly started to hatch so im now back in full dryfly mode,i wont throw a streamer again til late november,,but cant wait to.

    Thanks for the help.
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