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    Default To day with the 11' 'glass' rod and a custom cut for same from...

    Steve Godshall here in Medford.

    He thinks this un-numbered blank is a 6/7 and line (Scandi head) built for same For context, Steve built the rod for me. Effortless to cast, other 2hander casters on the beach and 'Can I try that rod?"

    Hand over and just go sit on the MH tow bar in front of the Jeep with Sandy my Yellow Lab and have a smoke, or two, or three. They don't want to give the rod/line back.

    Repeating myself, but have a 'new' 8136-4-IIIe Sage and this Puppy needs to be properly lined up. Just talked it up with the "Master" and 'for chucking full on sink tips/big flies."

    Hell of it was I called him on his cell and he answered 'What's up Fred?'

    End game of this is 'he knows you, where you fish, for what, water conditions, et. al., and you get a dialed in fly line for a specific rod, etc.?

    Guy really has 'Magic Fingers' when it comes to building lines. And I get no 'Joy Fulls' save for being out on the water.


    Steve = 541 840 2594
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