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I think you can go up to a 5 weight depending on the rod flex for trout. I have a z-axis 5126 and trout put a nice kick on this rod. I swing a lot of streamers and if I had a 4 or 3 weight it just wouldn't be enough mass to turn over those heavier rigs. It also works great with dries and 4X tippet. However, the z-axis bends to the cork so the trout can really pull on it, if it was a 5 weight sage TCX it would be overkill for trout.

The prospector has a faster tip recovery and smoother casting stroke than dually. The dually flexes deeper and is a more relaxed stroke.
Sounds like the dually is almost similar to the beulah classic 5/6 that i have but 3inches longer and lighter for the 4wt.