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    Default Scott and Winston

    Posted this in the wrong section first time, sorry.

    What are the thoughts of you two-handed folks with regards to the Scott and Winston"long" rods?

    We all know Sage has a huge following and Loomis makes great two-handers as well. I have not heard much from or about Winston two-handers and the little that I hear about the Scott two-handers, folks love them.

    This is my small problem that I'll have to get over; I do not like how all Winston rods are one color and the looks of the Scott are so so. However, that new Radian looks SEXY!

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    I havent played with any of winstons rods yet (a buddy just got a b3 so I shoukd have a report when it warms up) but I can speak of scott rods. I recently got a 1257 L2H (12'6" 7wt) and I absolutely LOVE this stick. It looks beautiful and casts like a dream. Its fast enough that if I screw everything up I can still launch line off the tip but when it all comes together.... OH MAN!!! You can feel it flex deep into the cork and just unloads like nothing I ever imagined!

    Needless to say I am very excited about this rod and would have spent a LOT more money on a stick of this caliber. See if your shop has a demo and test em out, I dont think you will be upset either way.... btw I have only used a skagit switch and a rage with it so far so if you are a long liner I really cant give advice on these rods

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    Default Re: Scott and Winston

    I've been fishing with a Winston BIII TH 7129 all season. I can't give this rod enough praise. Easy casting, straight tracking, and lots of feel; typical Winston. For a Skagit head I'm using an Airflo 510gr. and for Scandi work I like the 450gr. Airflo I'm sure you can't go wrong with either rod. It would just come down to what stick you can cast better and brand preference.

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    +1 for the Scott L2h. I bought the 1106 about a month ago and it is awesome. I am probably 50/50 between spey style and overhead casts with a Rio switch chucker line in a sz.6; it works great for both. I have had great luck with Scott's customer service as well.

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    I just had my local shop order me a Scott L2H 1157 after trying one out. Will be my first two hander. Dont have much experience with them yet. Tried the beulah platinum and thougt it was fantastic (even had the shop order it) until I tried the Scott.

    Matching it up with a guru 3.5hd for swinging. No idea what swinging line ill choose. For nymphing I am going to throw airflos speydicator on my redington delta 7/8 (if it fits...)

    Hoping this will be a fun, versatile setup for steelhead on steelhead alley in the midwest, ohio primarily.

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    Default Re: Scott and Winston

    Iggyfly, welcome to the forum. You will find me with a two hander on the Ohio streams too.

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