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Thread: Best switch rod for river trout??? Please help.

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    Default Re: Best switch rod for river trout??? Please help.

    I second (or third) the prospector. It is made by Sage... and a dang good rod!

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    Talking Re: Best switch rod for river trout??? Please help.

    Quote Originally Posted by masnate View Post
    Hi guys,

    Thanks so much for such great opinions. Just to more specific about my intended use for my rod, I'll mainly use it for fishing the Green River (med. large) here in Utah from the banks. I also will be taking it to AK this summer to fight some silvers and big (hopefully) alaskan bows.
    Most of what I'll be doing is high-stick and indicator nymphing for trout. The closest steelhead river is the Salmon River in ID and it's about a 7 hour drive for me, so swinging flies for chromers isn't something I'll be doing a lot of. Unfortunately.
    On the Green River there's always something behind you, and roll casting my St. Croix Imperial 9' 6wt can get pretty tiring with an indicator, 3 weighted flies and probably some split shot to get deep fast. I'm looking for a rod that will help me reach father, really feel the fight and lessen my fatigue. It's that fine line I'm looking to hit between "too much rod, can't feel the fight" and "not-powerful-enough-to-lift-the-flies, floppy feeling". The fish I typically encounter are thick-shouldered brown trout between 14" and 24" in some pretty deep and fast currents. When the caddis come off, that's where swinging caddis emergers will be dy-no-mite and it's a "10 casts, 8 fish landed" scenario. If you're ever below flaming gorge reservoir around the beginning of July, bring your emerger patterns and hold on.
    It sounds like a 5wt is really where I want to go, and I'm getting lots of praise for the Beulah rods. Reach is important, which is why I'd like to lean toward a 11' rod, rather than a 10' 6" one. Will it make that much of a difference?
    Thanks again for all the great feedback!
    I am studying your post Masnate, glad you posted this. I am duplicating the same situation (see post under "Northeast" with trout about the same size in fast current & deep pockets. I don't know about the success rate but I am hopeful. Ard posted he " uses these rods & tactics regardless of flow rate" and that set the hook ! I think I am finding a way to fish my river even when they have these high releases (tailwater in MA. Deerfield River). All the info. on spey/switch is intimidating to say the least , lots of info for me to digest here !
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    Default Re: Best switch rod for river trout??? Please help.

    If you want to enjoy it in Ak, I think 5wt switch could be the minimum (and likely what I'd choose) and a 6 would be closer to what the folks up there would fish. A 24" bow and a 15-20 lb silver are different ball games. Those bows up there are a little different too. This is one of the few times I would not chance being undergunned. Just sayin

    Edit...thinking about those silvers...I'd go with a might be more rod than you want at home though...
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    Default Re: Best switch rod for river trout??? Please help.

    sounds like I am talking 2 different rods , a 6 or 7 for steelies and a 4 or 5 for my local trout (there are 20' bows and browns there). I need to back and see what the OP ended up with.

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