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Thread: Nautilus Reel

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    Hello all, i was just wondering it the Nautilus FWX 5/6 reel will be good/big enough to fit the line for Spey rod. or do i need to get a new reel as well? (was thinking to just get an extra spool)

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    The reel looks too small, I took a look on the nautilus website. What size rod do you have?


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    not sure what spey rod you have, but my guess is that this reel is likely to be too light (as well as too small - capacity)...for the price of those spools, you could get an Allen Alpha III reel that would give you better capacity and more weight to better balance your outfit...that'd be my input...mark

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    I have to assume that will be too small/light to hold the line and properly balance. On my G Loomis 8/9 NRX, I am running a Nautilus CCF X2 6/8, and that's barely enough to hold the backing/running/skagit line.

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